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OKR Examples for Growth

The main goal of a Growth team is to use data and qualitative research to find levers for exponential growth. Below is the list of real-world OKRs for a Growth team.

OKR Examples for Growth

Growth (hacking) has become one of the hottest topics in the startup world. More and more traditional companies establishing Growth teams to find new levers for exponential growth.

To be able to use OKRs at Growth teams effectively, OKRs should be slightly modified. First and foremost the OKR duration cycle should be shortened, the suggestion is to use bi-weekly OKRs. Another important point is to build a safety net for experimentation. Team members should be able to work long-term on mostly "failing" experiments. Therefore their remuneration should be disconnected from the OKR progress.

Here you can find a list of Growth team positions and their respective OKRs.