OKR Templates for Notion

With Notion you can organize your work in one place. Notion is a powerful tool and is used by many modern teams. Here is a list of hand-picked free OKR templates for Notion.

OKR Templates for Notion

Our goal is to provide you with the best free Notion templates for managing OKRs.

This is a living document. We are updating our OKR templates database every week.

🐻 Notion OKR Template from Bearer

Bearer.sh is a data security risk assessment platform for cloud-native applications. It helps security teams to map data flows and mitigate security risks.

Bearer uses Notion to organize all their internal documents. They have currently 16 team members spread across the globe. Therefore they need to align teams and keep everyone on track. In order to do that Bearer uses Objective and Key results.

Bearer's team uses a modified OKR process. The main difference is that each OKR cycle lasts exactly about 40 days. Since their business priorities change frequently, a cycle of one quarter will be too long for the team.

Bearer's OKR discovery happens completely remotely. They use various tools for definition, brainstorming, discussion and tracking of OKRs.

✉️ Buffer's OKR Notion Template

Buffer is probably the most-known social scheduling tool. Did you know that Buffer manages their OKRs in Notion?

152 employees are working for Buffer across 16 different time zones. All of them are managed with OKRs. Buffer uses a simple notion database for that. Previously, Buffer has tried to manage their OKRs with Trello. You can read about it here.

Now Buffer has moved from Trello to Notion. Buffer calls transparency the core to their culture and operations. OKRs seem to be the perfect tool to provide transparency, alignment, and focus.

You can duplicate their free notion template too and use it for your team.

👌 OKR and Goals Tracker Template

Arpit Gupta has published on Twitter a Notion template for OKR and weekly goal tracking. Arpit uses this template as his personal OKR tracker. You can use this template without leaving Notion. It's free and open source.

The template consits for 3 parts. The first part is the instruction. Here you can learn about the basic rules of using OKR framework. The second part is the personal OKR - 90 days plan. Arpit uses a standard OKR period of a quarter. The final part is the weekly goal tracker, basically this part covers the weekly check-ins.

Another great free OKR template for Notion. This template is recommended for personal goal tracking. If you want to track team's performance, please use the templates from Buffer or Bearer (please see above).

👨 Organize Your Life with Personal OKRs

Are you feeling like your personal life is slipping away? Don't worry, you're not alone! Ronald Barba has created a free Notion OKR template.

Ronald recommends creating personal OKRs to help guide life outside of work. He suggests setting them up around November to have a better sense of purpose and direction. He has a template available to share in the comments.

🎯 OKR Tracking Template from Raif

The OKR Notion Template from Raif is a great way to keep track of your quarterly objectives and key results. With some example OKRs already listed, it's easy to get started and duplicate the page to create your own objectives. You can also set a numerical target to track your progress and rate your objectives by importance or confidence level. The template also includes a Weekly Tracking template and three different views — table, board and timeline — to help you find what works best for you.

Lastly, if you ever have any questions, you can reach out to Raif on Twitter or LinkedIn for help. Get organized and start achieving your goals with the Raif OKR Notion Template!

🕵 Theo Ohene's OKR Product Growth Template

This OKR Tracking Template is the perfect tool to help you reach your goals and hit your targets. Created by Theo Ohene, the template is based on the same framework used by leading companies such as Twitter, Spotify, and Disney. With this template, you can easily set up your Objectives (O) and Key Results (KR) in a measurable way. You can duplicate the teamplate and use it for your own needs.