OKR Templates for Google Sheets

Google sheets is a swiss-army knife for collaborative work. Google sheets can be used for almost anything from data crunching or daily todos. Here you can find a list of free OKR templates.

OKR Templates for Google Sheets

Our goal is to provide you with the best free Google Sheets templates for OKRs.

This is a living document. We are updating our OKR templates database every week.

🎅 OKR Tracker from Michael Williams

According to Michael most of the OKR software tools are overly complex and woefully over-engineered. To start with OKRs team needs something simple, easy to use, and collaborative. He has been using this template with a team of more than 450 people.

This template offers great flexibility when it comes to the OKR cadence. You can freely change the cadence setting to your needs. Another important feature is the dashboard that shows the remaining days and the current progress of each team.

You can easily navigate between the tabs and see each team's progress. There are predefined 5 objectives per team with each of 5 key results. If you want to use an only maximum of 3 key results per objective, just delete the rest.

Another interesting feature is the possibility to define the start and the target value as well as to assign the initiatives to each key result.

🐱 OKR Tracking Tool from Tomek Dabrowski

Tomek introduces a slightly different approach to tracking OKRs. There are two main ideas. First, you need to break down your OKRs into strategic and tactical OKRs. Second, once a key result is updated you see the progress from the past and current status update.

Each check-in gets stored in its column, this is how you can track the evolution of the key result progress and confidence level of your team. The confidence level metric is especially important for managers. Managers can use this metric to monitor deviation within the team and interfere if the confidence level drops below a certain threshold.

Tomek's OKR Tracking tool covers all important details and can be used as a good starting point for your OKR journey.

🧑🏿‍🚀 Startup OKRs Template from Niket

Almost a legendary OKR template for startups. This is one of the first templates that was published around 2014. It includes a short description of the overall OKR process and the tracking template itself.

The main idea behind this OKR template is to provide the full power of OKRs while keeping the organizational tasks to a minimum. This template is especially helpful for small teams or companies that start with the OKR process.

You don't need any sophisticated tools or software solutions to run OKRs effectively. Simply start with this template!

🎈 OKR Tracker Template from Jeff Gothelf

Jeff has built and open-sourced his version of OKR Tracker for Google Sheets. In the following blog post you can find a detailed description of how to use this template.

It is important to know that this Tracking Template is not a replacement for a professional software solution. It is just a simpler and leaner way to manage your OKR deployment process in your organization. You can see it as an MVP, before upgrading to something more sophisticated.

The OKR Tracking Spreadsheet includes the following fields: name of the team, team members, strategic goal, objective, date target, key result, progress, delta from last week, notes, and related activities. As you can see it includes all the important information to keep track of your OKRs.

☎️ OKR Tracker from WhatsApp by Thijs Niks

Discovered on Twitter this amazing and very advanced OKR Tracker Template from Thijs Niks. Thijs Niks is a product manager at Whatsapp. His team uses this template to keep everyone focused on business impact.

Whatsapp's OKR tracker template has a special focus on business impact. Under the readme tab you can find a detailed description of how to use each tab. This template includes also a basic roadmap for marketing and engineering projects.

The product team of WhatsApp uses a monthly check-in cadence. You can change the cadence cycle according to your needs and based on your business maturity level. The younger your business the shorter the cycles. The older your business the longer the cycles, but if your business runs through a transformation process, you should shorter the cycles as well.

🌎 Free OKR Tracking Template from Atlas

In comparison to other OKR templates in our collection, you can find here a detailed description of OKR implementation at Atlas.

Atlas uses the most common approach of quarterly OKRs. Their first OKR cycle starts in September and is aligned to their Fiscal Year. Their OKR discovery process spans over 14 days. It starts with the Leadership Team OKR draft, following by the drafts of the direct reports. Finally the Leadership team approves the objectives.

Since Atlas has a GSuite account for nonprofits they use Google Sheets to track their OKR progress. The first page of the document is the dashboard and shows the progress with a goal of 70%. Each stuff member has it's own dashboard and can see the progress once the OKR are updated. During the on-boarding phase of employees every new team member watches this video and is asked to draft an objective and few key results for their first few weeks of training.

📚 Measure What Matters OKR Template

Investor John Doerr shares his method of goal setting and execution with success stories in his book Measure What Matters. His method, OKRs, focuses on ambitious goals and meticulous execution to bring about explosive growth in organizations.

If you're looking for a free way to track OKRs transparently, try Google Docs or Google Sheets for a simple and easily accessible way to track your goals from the Measure What Matters team. You can also adjust and tailor templates to fit your company and to achieve your goals.

For larger organizations, there are paid OKR software tools that can help.

💻 Zest OKR Tracking Template

The CEO of Zest has put together an amazing internal OKR Google Sheets Tracking Template that's got everything you need to get your support team set up with OKRs. Not only does it come with a gorgeous, easy-to-understand dashboard, but there's also a handy guide to show you how to do check-ins and interpret the data. You can even link objectives and assign tasks that are in alignment with each other. The template also covers everything else you need to know about OKRs, including progress checking and target values.

Get started with OKRs for your support team now – just duplicate the Google Sheet OKRs template and make it your own.