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OKR Templates for Trello

Trello has revolutionized project management. Trello is one of the simplest platforms with a huge productivity impact. Trello is a perfect fit for the effective deployment of OKRs.

OKR Templates for Trello

Here you can find a list of OKR tracking templates and other helpful tools for Trello.

✉️ OKR Trello Template from Buffer

Buffer as a company is known for its radical transparency and remote working culture. Kevan Lee, VP of Marketing at Buffer has open-sourced their OKR Trello template. Additionally, in this blog post, you can find a detailed description of OKRs implementation at Buffer.

Buffer uses a simple approach of dividing objectives into their own columns. A card in each column is a key result. Each card (here a key result) can include different information. A checklist is used to keep track of the progress and upcoming tasks.

Once a key result is achieved you can either update the card or drag and drop it into the "done" column. Once the quarter is over you can move everything to a history column.