Zero learning curve OKR software for SMEs and Startups

What sets us apart from the competition is simplicity. While other competitors claim they can do it all, we are the only solution that focuses solely on OKRs and your goals. OKRstudio is as simple as Google sheets and yet as powerful as Tesla.

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Save time and resources and focus on goals that matter with the fastest onboarding experience.

  • Onboard your team within one hour with the help of our seamless onboarding experience.
  • Create and update your OKRs from within your most-used applications through our integrations.
  • Use our predefined OKR examples templates to kick start your performance management program.

Keep your company’s goals private with our data governance and encryption standards

  • Keep your company’s goals private with our data governance and encryption standards.
  • Stay in control of your data through 256-bit Advanced Encryption.
  • Choose the location where your data will be stored (US/EU/Custom). OKRstudio is one of the fewest providers that give you the flexibility and decision power over your data.

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Company goals are your financial metrics. We use AWS security standards to provide maximal protection. No one can read your data in plain text format. ~ Dimi Tarasowski, CEO @

Over 800+ installations on Trello’s Power Up Store

Our solution is verified by Trello and was installed over 800 times by Trello’s customers. OKRstudio is powered by AWS and Stripe. Your data is encrypted using the highest 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256).

Get the most out of your team and optimize performance with people analytics

  • Get people around you to use OKRs regularly and meaningfully with our smart notifications
  • Stay in control of your team’s performance with our team heatmaps
  • Discover organizational goals and their contribution through our hierarchical goal breakdown

Kick start your team’s performance with our real-world OKR examples

  • Choose from over 200 carefully chosen OKR templates
  • Find examples for every function of your business, sales, marketing or product management we have it all for you
  • Speed up your team onboarding by simply connecting an OKR template to your OKRstudio account

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Terra is one of our first customers and we are happy to continue working with Terra's team. We are proud to provide a solution that encourages long-lasting relationships. ~ Dimi Tarasowski, CEO @

Our active and upcoming integrations

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