Online-First OKR Workshop

Learn about how consistent use of OKRs immediately leads up to an 11.5% measurable increase in your business performance.

“Amazon, Google, Twitter. Many of them utilize a goal-setting system Doerr calls OKR.”
“An OKR is a means of tying strategy to the actions carried out by teams.”
“We have found great success in using the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) framework.”

“Awesome session! Thanks again, I’m excited to start building OKRs together.”

William Chu, Picup Media

“OKR Studio's secret is in its simplicity that's why we love using it to underpin our business objectives.”

Danile Harrington, Migrate

“Thank you so much for the session. It really gave us clarity on what we should focus on during the next couple of months!”

Nicolas Jamal, Dox.Tech

“What really sets OKR Studio apart for me is the simplicity and ease of use. It’s a superb tool to make OKRs real.”

Louis Strydom, Wärtsilä

“Leverage insights and dictate your performance oriented strategy on OKRstudio.”

Felix Wong, Ventureslist

“Our team is functioning more efficiently than ever before with OKRs. 10 out of 10 would recommend.”

Steve Shlivko, Ogilvy

“Thanks for the session that took OKRs from theoretical to practical. Your knowledge and guidance made all the difference! ”

Susan Smith, Wired for Work

Learn how others use OKRs

During our OKR workshop, you will see how other businesses use OKRs. You will learn the origins, the pitfalls, and most importantly how to implement OKRs. Our goal is to teach you the original OKR approach as introduced by Andy Grove, John Doerr, and as it is at Google.

The focus lies on team alignment, focus, commitment and accountability. You will get to learn an important concept of stretch goals, which are the most misunderstood and misused concept in the OKR method.

Team Member
Team Member

Get templates for OKRs

During our OKR workshop, we will provide you with all the documents you need to kick-start your OKR journey. These documents were co-developed with our most valuable clients. These templates include OKR definition, OKR discovery, and OKR progress tracking.

My name is Dimi, I will be your instructor and I will share my experience from the last 10+ years of management. I’m an HEC Paris alumnus. I have helped companies such as Coca-Cola, Otto, Panasonic, Casio, Carhartt, and others.


OKR Starter Kit

Get your free OKR starter kit for free. It includes free OKR tracking templates, over 200+ OKR examples and introduction videos.

Uplift your business performance

OKRs deliver benefits such as alignment, focus, commitment and accountability. The most important immediate benefit is often overlooked. With OKRs, you can expect an increase of up to 11.5% in performance. OKRs immediately impact your business’ bottom line.

A group of 20,000 associates researched at Sears Holding and discovered that minimal use of OKRs led to an 8.5% increase in hourly sales. Consistent use of OKRs resulted in an 11.5% increase in the chances of performing better.

Team Member
Team Member

Your business needs this workshop

Many businesses have the same problem: they don’t realize how much revenue they are leaving on the table. As already learned, an implementation of OKRs has a direct impact on the bottom line.

Perhaps your company has even tried to put in place OKRs, but they don’t seem to work for you. During our course, you will learn a battle-tested system to make OKRs work for you. You only need to take our course and apply the learnings to your business.


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Free templates


OKR Examples

Workshop Program

Immediate benefits

We will dive into the latest research and see why OKRs are the most powerful tool.

Management by Objectives

Introduction of MBO management tools and concepts related to OKRs.

Focus & Alignment

Here we will see how OKRs help you and other businesses to keep focus and alignment.

Ownership & Stretch Goals

Learn about two other benefits: accountability and unrealistic goals that you probably should avoid.

Project case study

A real-world case study of how OKRs can be used to develop and launch a new product.

Strategy case study

A real-world case study on how to align a company of 700 employees to move in one direction.

Weekly check-ins

The most essential element of OKRs is weekly check-ins, how to do it right and what to avoid.

Tracking Templates

We will provide you with an intelligent free OKR tracking templates that you can use with your team.

Committed Goals

You will learn when to use committed goals (100% probability of achievement) and when to avoid them.

Aspirational Goals

You will learn when to use aspirational goals (0% probability of achievement) and when to avoid them.

Sports case study

During this breakout session, you will learn how to apply OKRs in any environment or context.

Your business case study

Now it’s time to produce a sample set of OKRs for your company, your team, or both.

Cadence & Pilot

Cadence is often a reason OKR implementations fail, we will show you how to do it right.

Transformation Playbook

We will conclude the workshop with a step-by-step approach to implement OKRs successfully.

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