Connect your Trello cards to your OKRs with a few clicks

Always know how your Trello cards contribute to the company's objectives. Boost your performance by focusing on cards that are connected to OKRs and communicate the importance of a task through an OKR badge on a Trello card.

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Stay inside Trello to manage your OKRs and focus on goals that matter

  • There is no need to switch the context between spreadsheet and Trello since your OKRs are inside of Trello.
  • Prioritize better due to OKRstudio badges on Trello cards.
  • Communicate the importance of a task through an OKR badge on a Trello card.

Set the right priorities for your team and connect each Trello card to an OKR

  • Assign to each Trello card an OKR through a badge.
  • See which of your teammates is working on which OKRs in real-time.
  • Keep the entire workforce focused on the top priorities of the organization.

Over 800+ installations on Trello’s Power Up Store

Our solution is verified by Trello and was installed over 800 times by Trello’s customers. OKRstudio is powered by AWS and Stripe. Your data is encrypted using the highest 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256).

Increase employee engagement with our simple OKR software

  • Get people around you using OKRs with our onboarding initiative and check-in reminders.
  • Increase your performance management program engagement through our smart notification system.
  • Make the current goal achievement status visible with our heatmap goal overview.

Minimize your OKR planning process with our real-world OKR templates

  • Fast track your planning process with our carefully chosen real-world 200+ OKR examples.
  • Find the best suited OKR example for each role in your organization.
  • Join our slack community of leaders and learn how other companies are managing their OKR planning and tracking.