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Chief Product Officer OKR Examples

A list of real-world OKR examples for a(n) Chief Product Officer. You can use them either in our app or in the platform of your choice. Need help to create your OKRs? Contact us.

Create product roadmap for the upcoming fiscal year

The goal of this objective is to develop a roadmap for the upcoming year

Build strong product team to execute on the product roadmap

The goal of this objective is to hire a team of A-players

Develop strong product and innovation culture

The goal of this objective is to develop a set of processes to ship fast

Increase customer lifetime value by 25% by the end of the year

Increasing customer's lifetime value

Implement a new analytics solution to improve data tracking and analysis by the end of Q3

Setting up a new analytics solution

Develop and launch a new mobile app by the end of Q2 to improve customer engagement and increase sales

Creating a new mobile app strategy