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DevOps Engineer OKR Examples

A list of real-world OKR examples for a(n) DevOps Engineer. You can use them either in our app or in the platform of your choice. Need help to create your OKRs? Contact us.

Move current architecture and deploy to AWS

The goal of this objective is to upgrade our current infrastructure

Optimize the current costs structure and lower by 20%

The goal of this objective is to save costs for our business

Setup a scalable monitoring solution to guarantee 99% availability

The goal of this objective is to keep our users happy

Increase release speed by 20%

To improve our release speed

Increase code coverage by 50%

To improve code quality

Increase uptime by 99.99%

To improve infrastructure reliability

Increase customer satisfaction with our software products

Build and improve software products for manufacturing industries

Improve our understanding of customer needs and incorporate them into our software

Engage with customers and product management to understand requirements

Ensure the smooth and reliable operation of our software products

Identify and address DevOps requirements for product lifecycle management and operational availability

Continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our software development process

Drive engineering initiatives to improve the overall development process

Increase reliability and availability of Native Instruments' infrastructure and services

Work with a team of experienced Systems and DevOps Engineers on continuously improving our worldwide infrastructure and service landscape

Streamline and improve the efficiency of Native Instruments' deployment processes

Automate deployments and improve highly available infrastructure to ensure users have access to products and services

Improve the speed and accuracy of Native Instruments' troubleshooting processes

Support teams in troubleshooting complex technical issues and help improve SLAs

Modernize Native Instruments' infrastructure and improve its scalability and flexibility

Help to break down legacy services and modernize them in a cloud native fashion using the latest technology

Improve the technical expertise and knowledge of Native Instruments' engineering teams

Support and consult teams across the engineering organization, evaluating proof of concepts and providing best practices

Continuously improve personal technical skills and knowledge

Learn from other experienced engineers, share knowledge, and work in an environment that supports individual growth