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Backend Developer OKR Examples

A list of real-world OKR examples for a(n) Backend Developer. You can use them either in our app or in the platform of your choice. Need help to create your OKRs? Contact us.

Protect data integrity and audit authorization and authentication processes

Our authorization and authentication flows have changed so the old architecture diagrams have to be updated

Share your knowledge with the team

Our startup is growing 10x and we are onboarding 3 new developers per month, but the dev speed slows down

Improve agile development and continuous delivery

To release new features more quickly and react to customer feedback we need to redesign our ci/cd

Deploy new enterprise reference architecture for the future of software development

Switch from Google to AWS

The objective is to prepare a plan to switch from Google to AWS to improve the scalability and reliability of our SaaS

Improve SaaS platform performance

The objective is to improve the performance of our SaaS platform to provide better user experience to our customers

Enhance SaaS platform security

The objective is to enhance the security of our SaaS platform to protect sensitive customer data and prevent cyber attacks