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Senior Product Designer OKR Examples

A list of real-world OKR examples for a(n) Senior Product Designer. You can use them either in our app or in the platform of your choice. Need help to create your OKRs? Contact us.

Modify our current hiring process and make sure all interviews receive 5-star rating

The goal of this objective is to streamline our design / UX hiring process

Review our current design stack and find new solutions to increase productivity

The goal of this objective is to increase the productivity of our internal designer team

Design and facilitate a series of internal and external ideation workshops for our new mobile app

The goal of this objective is to design a series of workshops to develop internal ideas faster

Increase user satisfaction with product design

To bring vision and deliver design solutions from initial concept through shipping and beyond

Improve user experience with financial trading products

To understand customer needs and pain points and use data insights to help them invest their money

Increase revenue from financial trading products

To connect user needs with business opportunities to build successful products

Improve communication and collaboration within the product team

To create artefacts like user journeys and screen designs to explore and communicate future product and service opportunities

Increase user satisfaction with product functionality and aesthetic

To work closely with engineering, product management and data teams to create products that are easy to use and look beautiful

Increase speed and efficiency of product development process

To partner with engineering to ensure effective and efficient implementation of designs